About Supporting CCP

People need to shop.  Lots of us shop online.  It’s especially important for a rural community.  Why not let the very shopping we’re going to do anyway, pay something back to Our Community?  It’s simple.  Our favorite online shopping destinations thrive because of online advertising.  You know, those banners at the top of your social networking site… or those pop-up ads that annoy us until one catches our attention.   Well, the companies that place those ads pay the sites who display them.  Let’s bring that money back to Fallon.  We’re doing just that when you pass through this local site to shop.

Here’s an Example: If you’re going to shop at Amazon anyway, but enter Amazon through our local site instead … you’ll get to the same place. Amazon will pay us a pass through fee, but you DON’T pay one single cent more for your purchase.  50% of all the earned fees (the very maximum the IRS allows) will be shared among our community’s non-profit organizations.

See? It really is simple to help our community. Let’s shop.